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ODM/OEM Project

How ICOP produce & test our product:

ICOP Technology accepts ODM/OEM and minor customization with small volume requirement.

Below video will show how we produce and test our product in house.

ICOP's production line

ICOP has 4 SMT lines for producing the products following the ISO9001 standard to our customers.

ICOP's Reliability Lab

In ICOP's Reliability Lab, we provide testing facilities below to test the reliability of all of our products.

ESD generator for IEC61000-4-2 EMC test EFT Generator

Testing capability: 1.5KV

Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer

ACW,DCW,IR,GB and voltage endurance tests

Programmable Temperature&Humidity Chamber

Temp: -40~+85℃/Humidity:10%~98%RH

EMI Testing

Test Grade: Class A/B

Compliance with CE/FCC/VCCI Standard

Emi img2.jpg

ICOP's Machines and tools

ICOP has machines and tools below to provide our customers with samples or minor changing of their ODM/OEM products.

2.5D Optical Projector Wire Cut EDM Coordinate Measuring Machine
Die Sink EDM Laser Engraving Machine High Speed CNC Milling Machine

How to start ICOP's ODM/OEM service

Over 20 years of experience, ICOP has established a standardized ODM/OEM flow and provides over 100 types of customized products to our customers, and it occupies 50% of ICOP's sales.

ODMOEM Porject chart.jpg

For project inquiry: Please contact your ICOP sales or e-mail to

Project time: 12 weeks from PO to prototype.