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How to check storages contents in Yocto-EBOX-IMX8MM

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How to use EBOX-IMX8MM storages under Yocto

EBOX-IMX8MM Series support storages include:

eMMC, USB disk, SD/Micro SD (based on different hardware version)

When storages connected with EBOX, Yocto will create a code name for each storage in the directory.

Following content include storages usage:

Check disk space, disk files and copy file between different storages.

Tested storages:

16GB eMMC onboard x1 (Installed with Yocto)

32GB USB disk x1 (Stored with 01.png)

32GB SD card x1 (Stored with 02.png)

To check disk space:

Boot up EBOX-IMX8MM to enter Yocto desktop, click upper-left icon to use weston-terminal.

Using df command to check disk space.

Sh-4.4# df


Using lsblk command to see all block devices.

Sh-4.4# lsblk

Under directory /run/media/, show sdb1 , mmcblk2p1 and mmcblk1p1 three different storages.

To check storage files:

Using ls command to check storage files.

Sh-4.4# ls /run/media/sdb1

Sh-4.4# ls /run/media/mmcblk2p1

Sh-4.4# ls /run/media/mmcblk1p1

To copy file:

Using cp command to copy files between storages:

Copy USB disk 01.png to SD card for example, execute commend “cp source destination”.

Sh-4.4# cp /run/media/sdb1/01.png /run/media/mmcblk1p1

Then execute ls command to check files in SD card.

Sh-4.4# ls /run/media/mmcblk1p1

01.png can be found under SD card directory.