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The there are 4x UART on EBOX-IMX8MM, and the default settings of them are:

UART1 is connected to the WLAN/Bluetooth module

UART 2 is connected to the console function

UART 3 is connected to the J19 connector on the board.

UART 4 is connected to the J21 connector on the board.

If it is a no WLAN/Bluetooth Module version, the UART1 will be connected to the J15 connector on the board.

UART naming under Linux

UART 1: /dev/ttymxc0

UART 2: /dev/ttymxc1

UART 3: /dev/ttymxc2

UART 4: /dev/ttymxc3

Download the testing tool in the link below and put it in the root file of the Linux


Prepare a UART loopback test tool and plug it into the UART you would like to test; check the image below about how to make it:

UART Loopback TEST TOOL-1.jpgUART Loopback TEST TOOL-2.jpg

Testing UART3:

Testing UART3.png

# ./linux-serial-test -p /dev/ttymxc2 -o 5 -i 6 -c

Testing UART4:

Testing UART4.png

#  ./linux-serial-test -p /dev/ttymxc3 -o 5 -i 6 -c

Other UARTs can be disabled in the same manner.